Saturday, February 18, 2012

Enable Personal Hotspot / Internet Tethering in Jailbreak IPhone 4 (Revealed)

Hi Folks,

Today i would like to explain how to enable hotspot in your IPhone 4 (OS version can be anything above 4.0)

What is Internet tethering/personal hotspot ?
Using your iphone you can share your mobile network data plan/3g with your laptop using Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / USB data cable. Eg., Simply connect your mobile in to your laptop and access mobile internet. Don't waste your money to buy separate 3G dongle for laptop.

To activate this option you should go to:
Settings> General> Network> Personal hotspot "ON"

I believe, If you already using jailbreak phone this feature will not be available.
This tutorial will help you to get your personal hotspot in jailbroken phone for Free of cost!. I tested in my iphone 4 (ver 4.3.3). It's working perfectly.

Here the Simple Steps.
(Disclaimer : Installation of this sources at your own risk. We are not responsible for any lose)

1) To get this source open CYDIA first. Under source>Edit>Add>
Once you added it should be appear like below.

Open the source and navigate to "TetherMe Cracked" .

It will be appear like below. I've already installed this app. So, insted of Modify you will get > Install button at the top click the button to install.

Once you install reboot your device. Thats it !
Now you can enjoy using internet tethering/hotspot option under Network enable & enjoy using. All the best :)

Today trick :
To take screen shots in IPhone press home + power button same time. Then, Go to Photos and view the files.

Stay in touch for more tips & tricks !
Reply to this post if you have any issues.


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  2. I’m really amazed at people like you. Jailbreaking is a risky business; and yet you, guys, are still able to find more ways to unlock services and apps that shouldn’t be done by such phones. Anyway, once I get the hang of jailbreaking, I’ll try this one. Thanks!

    Venus Eckert

  3. smartphones china would like to explain how to enable hotspot in your IPhone 4

  4. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)